DTC Prospect Report: Chase Litton, QB

Chase Litton, QB – Marshall
6’5″ – 230 | JR
DOB: 10/05/1995 (22)
QB Rank: 6

Pass Game Strengths
  • Excellent with pre-snap recognition and identifying coverages/blitz packages. Also very comfortable with changing protections and communicating to teammates at the line of scrimmage.
  • Quick and efficient release. The ball comes out very quickly, and his release is extremely tight and sound.
  • Reads through progressions on every play. Always reads the defense and finds correct target. Displays the clock-like head turn during his
  • Stands in the pocket under pressure and makes his intended throws.
  • Continually keeps eyes downfield, even when the pocket collapses.
  • Excellent-to-rare ability of using his eyes to avert coverage. Looks off defenders and opens up huge holes for intended targets.
  • Great arm strength. Can easily make opposite hash throws with quick-closing defenders nearby.
  • Good ball placement. Most of the time, he allows his receivers to catch the ball in stride for positive yardage after the catch. Also keeps the ball away from defenders and only to where his receivers can catch along the sidelines.
  • Ability to throw on the run, both to his left and to his right, and keep throws very accurate.
  • Puts good touch on throws to the second level and deep down the field.
  • Very good overall accuracy. Hits his spots most of the time, but does occasionally miss.
  • Very good anticipation. Most prominently on comebacks and deep outs, releases the ball before the receiver comes out of his break.
  • Great overall football intelligence. Extremely reliable on 3rd and short plays.
  • Very decisive passer. Never holds the ball too long in the pocket and does not hesitate to get the ball out of his hand.

Pass Game Weaknesses
  • Footwork is a bit sloppy when he takes the snap. Front foot occasionally moves slightly before the ball is snapped.
  • Footwork rhythm is inconsistent when taking five and seven-step
  • When he misses throws, he misses long/high which is mostly due to him taking a quick snap and getting a bit too antsy to make the pass to his open receiver.
  • Tends to drift back too far when no receivers are open. Will keep drifting until about 10 yards behind the pocket, or about 15 yards behind the line of scrimmage—a very bad habit to get into.
  • Occasionally throws off balance when making a quick throw to a slant.
  • Not the best mobility, but he’s simply a passer and not a runner.

Rushing Stats
 Year Games Comp Att Comp % Yards TDs INTs
FR 11 231 384 60.2 2608 23 81
SO 10 231 371 62.3 2612 24 9
JR 13 266 443 60.0 3115 25 14



Chase Litton is an intriguing player with great size and a very consistent production record. He possesses a high level of football intelligence, and it shows in several aspects of his game. He has the unique ability to look off defenders in short areas of the field, which allows subsequent routes to become open for his intended throws. With great arm strength and good accuracy, Litton can make all throws to all levels of the field. He is a prototypical pocket passer who also excels at throwing on the run. His skill set will translate with ease, and he has all the tools to become an NFL starting quarterback within two years of being drafted.

NFL Draft Prediction

Mid-to-late 3rd Round

Dynasty Lens

In superflex leagues, Litton will be one of my main targets in the late 2nd to early 3rd round. Depending on his landing spot, I would take him as early as 2.10 if I had a quarterback-needy team.

Bottom Line

Litton has massive upside and could be a top-three quarterback in this class five years down the road.

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