DTC Prospect Report: Kyle Hicks, RB

Kyle Hicks, RB – TCU
5’10” – 210 | Redshirt SR
RB Rank: 6

Pass Game Strengths
  • Natural pass catcher with great hands.
  • Runs excellent routes out of the backfield.
    • Creates huge separation from linebackers in coverage.
  • When the play breaks down, he does an excellent job of working back to the ball and making something out of nothing.
Run Game Strengths
  • Excellent agility and ability to make defenders miss in the open field.
  • Jump cuts are extremely efficient and effective.
  • Does a great job of following lead blockers downfield.
  • Has the ability to change direction on a dime and flip the field on defenders.
  • Good balance. Manages to stay on his feet with ease.
  • Quick burst through the hole.
  • Unique ability to create for himself via vision and agility.
  • Runs very hard yet has a savvy style.

Pass Game Weaknesses
  • Liability in pass protection.
    • Shoulders are not square when facing up rushers.
    • Overall lack of feel in the pocket.
Run Game Weaknesses
  • Will not outrun many defensive backs.
    • Will likely run around a 4.60 at the Combine.
  • Not extremely explosive.
  • Vision can lack at times but is not a big concern.

Receiving Stats
 Year Games Recs Yards YPC TDs
FR 11 12 118 9.8 0
SO 11 13 104 8.0 1
JR 13 47 417 8.9 2
SR 12 30 291 9.7 1


Rushing Stats
 Year Games Attempts Yards YPC TDs
FR 11 46 160 3.5 0
SO 11 56 262 4.7 3
JR 13 203 1042 5.1 12
SR 12 139 637 4.6 4



Hicks will head into the 2018 NFL Draft as one of the more undervalued prospects in the entire running back class. Because he played in a Big-12 spread offense, he doesn’t have the big-time stats due to the lack of running back use. Hicks’ agility and ability to make defenders miss, combined with his receiving skills, will allow him to have an opportunity to compete for a role in training camp this summer. Although, don’t expect an explosion onto the NFL scene during his first couple seasons.

NFL Draft Prediction

Late 5th to Early 6th Round

NFL Player Comparison

Rex Burkhead

Dynasty Lens

Should Hicks land on a relatively thin depth chart, he may become more appealing, but for now, I would target him in the mid-3rd round, anywhere in the 3.04-3.08 range.

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